1. Confined Classes are as defined in the different sections.
  2. Exhibits in confined classes may also be entered in open classes, unless otherwise stated.
  3. All objections to the decision of the judges must be lodged with the Secretary in writing before 3pm on the day of the Show with a fee of €10. For each objection, otherwise objections cannot be entertained. The fee or fees lodged will be forfeited in the case of the objection or objections are considered to be frivolous.
  4. The necessary entry form can be had on application to secretary and no other forms can be received. All description of stock as to age, breed or otherwise, must be stated when completing the entry form.
  5. All stock must be bona-fide property of the exhibitor.
  6. All stock must be in the possession of the exhibitor for at least one month prior of the date of the show.
  7. All stock to be classified by age, which can be calculated from 1st January in the case of horses, the rules of the Royal Dublin Society as to detention shall be applied in cases of dispute as to the age of cattle or horses.
  8. The Committee shall have the right to order the removal of any animals that they consider to be dangerous and shall not be responsibly for an injury or damage caused by such an annoyance.
  9. Any exhibitors, whose entry fee amounts to €10 or more, will be supplied with the exhibitor’s ticket, which will admit the person whose name it bears, but not others into the show. One attendant for each horse will be admitted free.
  10. No steward can officiate in a section who is an exhibitor on the class under adjudication.
  11. Should any question arise not fully provided for in these rules the same shall be referred to the committee whose decision shall be final and from which there shall be no appeal and entries are accepted only on these conditions.
  12. The committee will not in any way be responsible for any claims for compensation or otherwise in regard to the holding of or anything arising out of or in connection with the show, and the exhibitors are to understand that although reasonable precautions will be taken to ensure safety and welfare of the animals exhibited, the committee will be not be taking responsible for accidents of any kind arising out or in connection with the show.
  13. Receipts must be signed for all Cups, Shields of Statuette awarded.
  14. All Cups, Shield or Statuette must be returned to the Secretary of the Show or Committee member on or before the Show each year.
  15. Entry fee in horses/ponies €15 unless otherwise stated.
  16. No Prize money paid out if only one entry in any class.
    No Second Prize if only two entries in class
    No Third Prize if only three entries in class, and so on.

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